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Creating Custom Payroll Files


Administrators have the option to create customized payroll files to map to a payroll system. Custom files can include any data required by the payroll system, rather than using a pre-built template. This article will show you, an Administrator, how to create a custom payroll file. 

In order to create a custom file, please install SpringConnect if you have not done so already.

Step 1: Launch SpringConnect. Click Options, and then Settings.


Step 2: Within the Other Settings menu, click Custom Payroll Mapping.


Step 3: In the Custom Payroll Mapping window, enter:

  • Payroll System Name
  • Select the File Type
    • .csv is the most common type
  • In the Data Filter menu, select Pay


Step 3: Within the Column Info section, enter:

  • From Field: select which column of data should pull from SpringAhead
  • To Field: enter the name of the column in your payroll system that this SpringAhead column should map to
  • Click Save and repeat for other columns required for your file if, if needed


Click OK when all columns are entered.

Step 4: To export the new file, see Exporting Payroll Providers Outside of SpringAhead.

Please Note: Pre-built templates for some payroll systems are available using the Templates button in the lower left-hand corner of the Custom Payroll Mapping window.


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