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Exporting Payroll Providers Outside of SpringAhead


SpringAhead can export payroll information in a format specific to any payroll software vendor that can import data in CSV (Common Separated Values) format. If you know the format required, you can specify the layout within SpringConnect.

In SpringAhead, set the employee Payroll software to Custom. Make this your default by:

  • Go to Settings, then My Company.
  • Scroll down to the Payables: Payroll Export section.
  • Under Payroll Software, select Custom.

To export from SpringAhead into another Payroll provider using SpringConnect, follow these instructions:

  • Open SpringConnect.
  • Click Options, then Settings.
  • Click Other Settings.
  • Select Custom Payroll Mapping.
  • Under Column Information, select a field in From Field to export from and To Field to import it to.
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