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Configuring Invoice Export


With SpringAhead, you have the option to bring invoices directly into your accounting software, with or without timecard information. Using this article, you will:

  • Become familiar with the different settings
  • Configure your invoice export  

Reviewing the Options

  • Log in as an administrator.
  • Click on Settings, then click on My Company.
  • Scroll down to the Invoicing section. 


Here is an overview of what the above settings mean:

  • No Invoicing
    • Checking box makes all time non-billable.
  • Export Timecards with Invoices
    • Check this box if you are exporting timecards to a 3rd party payroll provider, but still would like to have the timecards in your accounting software.
  • Export Invoices
    • Tells SpringAhead to bring invoices into your accounting system.
  • Include Time Descriptions on Invoices
    • Tells SpringAhead to send notes from the timecard to the description field on the invoice.
  • Account Software
    • This is the accounting system that you use for invoicing.
  • Invoice Cycle
    • The invoice cycle is the most common frequency in which you invoice your clients. This can be changed on a project by project basis.
  • Invoice Date
    • This is the date that appears on your invoice.
      • If set to today, the date will be the day you export.
      • If set to custom, SpringAhead will ask you for a date each time you export.
  • Invoice Description
    • SpringAhead has a lot of control over what populates in the invoice description.
    • The default invoice description is %Name% - %Dates%
    • See Customizing Invoice Descriptions
  • Use Item Description on Invoices
    • Checking this box overrides the default invoice description above and uses the item descriptions in your accounting system.

Reviewing a Sample Setup

This is an example of the most common setup for bringing invoices into QuickBooks.


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