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Once you are finished setting up, the final steps are to notify your team and get them the information to log in and start using the system. Using this guide, you will:  

  • Notify your team about the new SpringAhead system
  • Enable email notifications within SpringAhead
  • Verify user settings
  • Send login information to your team

Notify Your Team

SpringAhead will send login information to your team, but we recommend announcing your new online system so they are in the loop. We have created a sample template that you can modify and send from your email account.   Welcome Template:   <<Name & Salutation>>,   We are happy to announce that we will be moving to a new online time and expense system called SpringAhead! We’ll use this system to enter and approve time <and/or> expenses from any web browser.   Your username, password and link to the new site will be emailed to you in the coming days. The first time you log in you will be prompted to change your password.   Timesheets must be submitted by __ each _. We encourage you to submit time reports as soon as you finish work for the week.   Detailed instructions are available immediately on the home page when you log in.We appreciate your patience as we transition our time <and/or> expenses reporting to this new system.

Enable Email Notifications

Email notifications should be enabled before going live.

  • Log in as an administrator.
  • Click Settings, then My Company.
  • Under the Defaults  heading, check the Email Notifications Active checkbox. 


  • Click Save and Close.

Verify User Settings

  • Click Settings, then People.
  • For each person, in the Personal Info tab, ensure that there is an email address.
  • Ensure that Email Notifications is toggled to Yes. 


  • Click Save and Exit.

Send Login Details to Users

After you have enabled email notifications and you’re ready to launch, the final step is to send login information to your team.  See Sending Login Information.

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