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Creating Multiple Payroll Items per Regular Hours Worked


This article applies to companies that use more than one payroll item for regular hours worked – regardless of whether the employee is paid on an hourly or salaried basis.

The goal of the SpringAhead setup is to associate hours worked with the proper payroll item so they can be exported directly to the proper item in QuickBooks without manual adjustment.

SpringAhead maps hours to payroll items by associating a Time Type (such as “Regular Time”) with a QuickBooks payroll item. Therefore, you will need a time type for each payroll item. Regular time, Overtime and other basic time types are associated with payroll items in the My Company screen in SpringAhead.

New, non-standard time types will have to be added to accommodate additional payroll items

Once all payroll items in QuickBooks have been mapped to a Time Type in SpringAhead and added to projects, they are ready for use and the hours will automatically populate the appropriate payroll item fields in QuickBooks timesheets.


Consider using QuickBooks sub-jobs in conjunction with Time Types to streamline user entry. SpringAhead's professional services group can assist you in planning and implementing the right solution for you.

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