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Customizing Payment Memos for Time


You have the ability to customize the time payments memo, giving you greater control when it comes to your payables and invoices.

To set the payment memo for all time entries:

  • Go to Settings, click on My Company.
  • Scroll down to Time and click More Settings.
  • Enter the appropriate codes in the Payment Memo field to create your desired memo customization.


Here are the wildcard codes we support for this field (similar but different than expense):

%NAME% -- Employee name
%INITIALS% -- Employee initials
%FI% -- Populates user's first initial
%MI% -- Populates user's middle initial
%LI% -- Populates user's last initial
%LNAME% -- Populates user's last name
%HOURS% -- Populates hours worked
%TYPE% -- Populates name of Time Type
%DATES% -- Populates the timecard date range (mm/dd/yy - mm/dd/yy)
%SDATE% -- Populates the start date only
%EDATE% -- Populates the end date only
%BILL% -- Populates bill rate
%PAY% -- Populates pay rate
%ITEM% -- Populates item name

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