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How do I fix the Internal Server Error when importing placements from Bullhorn?

This message indicates that the login name, password, or API key entered in SpringConnect is incorrect.

  1. Click OK in the error message
  2. In the Placements screen, click on Options
  3. Re-enter your Bullhorn login credentials, and click OK. If the issue persists, follow the instructions below to verify your login credentials and API Key.


  1. In Bullhorn, go to Tools, and click on Users
  2. Click on a user’s name to view details
  3. The Bullhorn Username is located in the first field
  4. You may also adjust the Password for the account, if desired


  1. In Bullhorn, go to Tools > BH Connect > Web Services API
  2. Click on the API Key Name
  3. Copy the API Key from this field into SpringConnect
  4. Note: Bullhorn requires a password reset every 90 days. If you’re experiencing issues with Bullhorn, Bullhorn Support’s contact information can be found here:

How do I fix the error "Error loading MaxHire placements: A connection with the server could not established (12029)"?

When trying to load MaxHire placements in SpringConnect, you receive the following message:

"Error loading MaxHire placements: A connection with the server could not established (12029)"

The error “A connection with the server could not established (12029)” is usually indicative of network issues. Your settings may be pointing to a static IP from when the MaxHire API was not public yet – that machine must have been taken down within the MaxHire environment.  We should just remove that line in the settings file (VTSync.INI) and it will function normally.

  • Open SpringConnect
  • Click on Options
  • Hold down the Shift key and click on View Log
  • A notepad will appear with your settings
  • Locate the [Placements] section
  • Delete this line: "HostedUrl="
  • Click on File, and Save
  • Close the file and close SpringConnect

How do I fix the error "Error loading Bullhorn placements - error from start session: invalid username and/or password"?

Whenever this error arises, it means the password for your credentials has changed. Here's how to fix it:

  • Open SpringConnect
  • Click Placements
  • Proceed past the error message
  • On the top right of the screen, click Options
  • Put in your new Bullhorn password
  • Click OK

Now, the placements should load without a hitch.

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