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My browser works but I can't see anything or log in.

This error is typically the result of accessing the Internet through a corporate network that has a locked security configuration. If this is the case, the company's network administrator should add SpringAhead to the company's trusted sites list (provide the admin with the product URL noted in the red Brower Configuration Error window).

This error is unique to Internet Exporer so an immediate work-around is to use a different browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

If the computer is not accessing the Internet through a corporate network, add SpringAhead to your trusted sites list by performing the following:

  • Start Internet Explorer
  • Select the Tools menu
  • Select Internet Options
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Click on the Trusted Sites icon, and click the Sites button
  • Enter * as the website address
  • Uncheck Require server verification (https) for all sites in this zone
  • Click the Add button
  • Close the window 
Internet Explorer will acknowledge that SpringAhead is a trusted site by displaying "Trusted sites" at the bottom of each window instead of "Internet".

Also ensure that Active X controls are enabled by performing the following:

  • Start Internet Explorer
  • Select the Tools menu
  • Select Internet Options
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Click on Custom Level...
  • Ensure Run Active X controls and plug-ins is enabled
  • Click OK and exit Internet Options settings

Note: This error has also been known to occur with Norton Internet Security with the Identity Safe facility for logging into password protected websites. The fix is to remove the entries from Identity Safe and enter the website name explicitly into the entry box before logging into SpringAhead.

How do I stop my browser from blocking the initial download for Invoices and Payables?

To stop the pop-up/download blocker, you need to add the SpringAhead website to your Trusted Sites list.

For Internet Explorer:

  • Click on Tools menu, then Internet Options
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Click on the Trusted Sites icon, then the Sites... button
  • Type in the website address for SpringAhead (i.e. ""). If the address is "http:" instead of "https:", make sure the "Require server verification (https) for all sites in this zone" is not checked.  Click the Add button, then the Close button
  • For IE7+: From the security tab, click the Custom Level... button.  Scroll about 1/3 down, under the Downloads section, make sure both "Automatic prompting for file downloads" and "File download" are set to Enable.  Click the OK button
  • Click the OK button

I want to be prompted to save a file when downloading Invoices or Payables.

When you download a file for the first time, you are asked what should be done, and there is a setting that says "Always Ask".  If you clear this setting, it will no longer prompt you.  To get that back, you must perform one or both of the following set of instructions:

  • Double-click on My Computer
  • On the View menu, click Folder Options
  • On the File Types tab, find the IIF extension (if this is not there, you must try the next method)
  • Click the Edit button
  • Click the Confirm open after download check box
  • Click the Close button, and then click the OK button
You might have to try the following (only for advanced users):
  • Run regedit
  • Delete the "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\iif" key
  • Delete the "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\iiffile" key

How do I whitelist SpringAhead emails?

If you do not have access to email whitelist, you can try adding This might let SpringAhead emails pass spam filters.

If you do have access to your email whitelists, add "" as well as the following IP addresses:


Why am I receiving a login site certificate error?

If you type either of the following examples into your address bar to access the site, the error will occur.

"" or ""

The solution is to remove the “www”. The login for most users is "" or "".

How do I fix the error "Invalid response content: returned element requires an ID on all returned elements"?

This error occurs if you are using Internet Explorer and your security settings are set to "High", disallowing SpringAhead from making a connection.

To correct the error, change the privacy settings by performing the following:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click on Tools, and Internet Options
  • Click on the Security tab
  • Change the setting to Medium High
  • Click Save
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