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Unapproved Timesheets


You think your submitted timecard has been approved but it still shows up as unapproved. This may be because there are multiple approvers who still need to take action.

Approval Status

To double check the approval status of the unapproved timecard, follow the instructions below:

  • Click on Review on the Navbar.
  • Click on Pending in the Approval column of the unapproved timecard. 


  • This screen should show you the list of approvers for the user as well as the approval statuses. 


  • You may notify the approver(s) to take corrective action by clicking Send Approval Reminders in the previous screen.

Please Note: With multiple approvers, the order of approval is based on a hierarchy. For example, the user manager must approve the timecard before it can be approved by the project manager.

Please Note: If any of the approvers reject the timecard, it will go back to the end user to be corrected and resubmitted to all of the approvers again.

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