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Approving Time & Expense


Approving time and expenses in SpringAhead is simple and straight-forward. Below are the details for:

  • Approving Timecards and Expense Reports
  • Running Reports

Approving Timecards and Expense Reports

  • Log in to SpringAhead using the login instructions and password provided by your administrator. 


  • Click Approval in the navigation bar to view all timecards and expense reports pending your review. 


  • The default presentation of the timecard data will be sorted By User and will include the WeekUser, and Total Number of Hours


  • If you wish to view further information about the time submitted, you can start by adjusting the Approval Level on the top left of the page. 


    • By User: Default format when viewing the time submission for the first time. It’ll include the Week, User, and Total Number of Hours
    • By Project: This option will include the Week, User, Project(s) worked on, and  Total Number of Hours
    • Detailed: This option will include the Week, User, Project(s) worked on, Day-by-Day Hours, and Total Number of Hours
  • The time entry notes and tasks provided by the user are not available on the Approval display, however, you are able to expand the timesheet to view this information. To expand the timecard, click on the gear icon to the right of the entry line and select View. 


  • The complete timesheet details will appear. 


  • To approve any or all items, check the boxes in the first column, navigate to the bottom of the page to set the status to Approve and click Submit. 


    • You also have the option to reject or forward timecard data if need be:
      • Reject: Select Reject > enter a reason for the rejection > click Submit > this will send the data back to the user so they can adjust and resubmit for approval
      • Forward: If you are a user setup in SpringAhead as Hourly, Salaried, Contractor, Corp-to-Corp, or Internal you are also able to forward a submitted timecard or expense report to another person at your company that has the permission to approve time and expense. This will not mark the entry as approved by you, but rather will allow you to pass the entry over to another manager should the entry require their review instead.
      • Expense Reports: The functions outlined above for viewing and approving timecards are also available for expense reports submitted for approval.

Running Reports

  • Click on the Reports tab on the top navigation bar to run reports related to the time and expense that you’ve approved. 


  • Time by Approver: When you choose this reporting option you will be able to set your date parameters and select a time type. You can also able enable additional settings like By Project (to sort the data by job), Include Unapproved (to include hours still pending approval), and Include Details (to view tasks, comments, and a day-by-day breakdown of the hours). 


  • Expense by Approver: Similar options are also available for expense reporting.​ 


  • Click Run to generate the report.
  • From here you are also able to print a copy of the output or download a CSV. The CSV file will include some additional columns and details not available on the website layout. 


  • Approvers also have access to a Company tab where they’re able to view a summary of the hours submitted, approved, and processed for the users and projects that they directly manage. 

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