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Importing Reps with Bullhorn Placements


This article will cover the Bullhorn Placement Import for users that need a Rep assigned to them in SpringAhead. Below are the details for:

This guide will cover:

  • Accessing your placements via SpringConnect
  • Editing the placement fields prior to import
  • Importing the placement + Rep to SpringAhead
  • Assigning the commission rate to the Rep

Accessing your Placements via SpringConnect

Launch SpringConnect to locate the placements pending import to SpringAhead.

  • Launch SpringConnect.
  • Click on Placements


  • You’ll see your Bullhorn Placements listed in the next window.


Editing Placement Fields Prior to Import 

To edit the placement information:

  • Double click on the row containing the name of the placement you wish to edit and this will pull up a separate window containing the placement details.
  • Locate the Rep NameRep Type, and Rep Email field. 


  • Double click on each field to update the rep information and click OK to save.



  • When you’re all set, click on OK to go back to the list of placements.

Placement Import to SpringAhead

To import your placements into SpringAhead simply check the boxes next to the placement information and select Import on the bottom right of the window. 



Assigning the Commission Rate to the Rep 

To locate the job created for the placement in SpringAhead go to Settings > Projects > locate the job that was assigned to your placement > click on the job name (blue link) to view and edit settings. From there you can adjust the rep’s commission rate by following the below steps:

  • Click on the Approvers tab and you’ll see the rep listed. 


  • Click on the line containing the Rep’s name and you’ll be able to adjust the commission rate. 


  • Click Update to save your changes.
  • Click on Save & Exit to confirm your changes. 


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