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MyPayrollHR Integration Guide


SpringAhead can export pay data directly into MyPayrollHR. Using this guide, you will:

  • Enable integration in SpringConnect
  • Configure SpringAhead for integration
  • Export pay data into MyPayrollHR

Enabling Integration in SpringConnect

  • Open SpringConnect from your Start Menu
  • Click on Options, then Settings. Now click on Advanced
  • Choose MyPayrollHR from the Payroll Software drop-down menu 


  • The MyPayrollHR Options window will automatically pop up 


The Batch options dictate how the timecards are imported into MyPayrollHR.
Single Batch Mode: This is the typical way that data will be pulled in. Upon import, you will select the batch that you want to use. This will likely be a monthly batch that is used on a regular basis. Batches must exist in MyPayrollHR before exporting payroll when using Single Batch Mode.
QuickBatch Mode: This will create a batch on the fly. This batch cannot be modified later. This will most likely be used for one time contractor payments.
Placement Auto-Add: This selection adds placements to MyPayrollHR at the same time as they are added to SpringAhead and your accounting system from placement import.
Use Placement Divisions:This is used to import divisions from an applicant tracking system.

  • The login name and password is the login name and password for the API that has to be obtained from MyPayrollHR (This is NOT your login)

Configuring SpringAhead for Integration

  • Login to SpringAhead as an Administrator
  • Click on Settings, then My Company
  • Scroll down to Payables: Payroll Export
  • Set Payroll Software to Custom
  • Click on More Settings, and check the box for Use Pay Codes 


  • Scroll down to Timecard Payroll Items and Codes. Enter the Pay Codes in SpringAhead that are already set up in MyPayrollHR. These can be found in MyPayrollHR by going to Dashboard > Company Pay codes 


  • Click Save and Close

Exporting Pay Data to MyPayrollHR

  • From the Payables tab in SpringAhead, choose the timecards you would like to export
  • Under Confirm Export Settings, ensure that Custom is selected in the drop-down menu
  • Click Export
  • SpringConnect will open and let you know that you are exporting into MyPayrollHR 


  • Click Import
  • If the person does not exist in MyPayrollHR, the integration will allow you to create them on the fly


  • The imported data can be found in MyPayrollHR by going to Payroll and then clicking on the batch 



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