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Correcting a Time Entry for an Employee


Fixing a timecard issue depends on what state the timecard is in. For example, if one of your employees entered time on this week's timecard, but meant it for last week's timecard.

  • If you have not processed or downloaded that timecard, just edit it normally and zero out the wrong week, and add it to the correct week.
  • If you have processed it, but have not downloaded it, do the same but use the Modify link in the Status column of the timecard. Leave the time there, but zero it out, and then add the time again to the new week and process that.
  • If you have already downloaded the time to QuickBooks, do the previous step above, and delete the timecard (and any associated invoice) from within QuickBooks since the 'new' timecard will cause duplicate data in QuickBooks.

The most important thing is after doing what you need to and exporting again, make sure the data isn’t duplicated or in the wrong week in QuickBooks.

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