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Syncing a Contractor with QuickBooks


Setting up a contractor that is a vendor to sync with SpringAhead is not the same as setting up a regular employee because SpringConnect does not automatically sync all vendors as it would for people in SpringAhead. This is to prevent unwanted vendors from showing up as users (e.g. utility companies).

Contractors should be in the QuickBooks vendor list. Double-check and follow these instructions:

  • In QuickBooks, start by either adding a new vendor or editing the existing one you want to sync, as applicable.
  • Make sure the "first name" and "last name" fields (not just the vendor name) are filled in. This identifies this vendor as a person, not just a company. Additionally:
    • QuickBooks Online: Click on the Full Name... button to see the name details, and check Track payments for 1099.
    • QuickBooks Desktop: On the Additional Info tab, set the Type to "1099 Contractor" (for Canada, use "T4A contractor"). If this selection does not exist, type it in to create it. (Note: This does not affect QuickBooks as this is just an informational field).
  • Save the vendor.
  • Sync your vendor list. The person will now be created in SpringAhead.
  • Set up the user in SpringAhead as you would any other (user name, password, roles, rates, etc.).

Reason: By default, vendors do not sync and you must specify which ones you want to sync. This is to keep your vendor list clean.

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