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Billing Maintenance

SpringAhead admins can utilize the self-service billing portal to view and manage their account’s billing details. This guide will cover:
  • Updating your time & expense licenses
  • Updating your credit card
  • Viewing your billing history 


License Update
  • To update your licenses, you must be logged in as the admin, and click License Update in the left column on the Settings page.
  • From here, you’ll see the current amount of active licenses that you’re being billed for at the beginning of each month. To update your licenses, enter the number of time/expense licenses you require and click Update License in the lower-left corner. Any new licenses will be prorated for the rest of the month, and then billed at the standard rate thereafter. 


Update Credit Card
  • If your credit card has expired and needs to be updated, click Update Credit Card in the left column on the Settings page.
  • Enter your new billing information and click Update Credit Card. Once completed, our billing platform will automatically process any outstanding balance and use the new card for your next invoice. 


Invoice History
  • From the Invoice History tab, you’ll be able to find a list of charges placed on your credit card. You may also click the invoice number or the date of each line item to view the invoice of that transaction. 


  • Time and expense features are billed separately. If you’re subscribed to both features, you will receive two invoices per month – one for your time licenses, and one for your expense licenses. 


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