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Setting Up Tasks


Tasks are a feature of SpringAhead that enables a drop-down on the timecard that can be used to allow the time submitter to choose the specific function they performed on a project.  Tasks can be a concept that is only tracked within SpringAhead or mapped to an Item or Class within QuickBooks. In addition, tasks can have varying bill and pay rates both in the task setup or can even be given a varying bill and pay rate based on the project to which they are assigned. Using this article, you will:

  • Enable tasks
  • Create tasks (manually or by syncing)
  • Configuring Projects to Use Tasks  

Enabling Tasks

  • Click Settings, then My Company.
  • Under Defaults, Check Use Tasks. 


  • Click Save.

Creating Tasks

There are two ways to get tasks into SpringAhead. You can sync classes or items over from QuickBooks to use as tasks or you can create them within SpringAhead.

  • Syncing Tasks
    • Open SpringConnect.
    • Click OptionsSettings and then Advanced.
    • To sync Items as Tasks including the Description and Bill, and Pay Rates, check Sync Items as Tasks and then perform a sync of the Items list. 


    • For Classes, check the corresponding box – Sync Classes as Tasks and then perform a sync of the Classes list.

Please Note: Syncing Tasks will auto-create Tasks with the Name, Description, Bill Rate, Pay Rate, Item and Class fields populated during the sync process.

Manual Task Creation

  • Click on Settings.
  • Click Tasks on the left-hand side menu.
  • Click Add Task. 


  • Enter the Task Name.
  • Optional: You may enter a Short Name, a Bill Rate or Pay Rateand an Item or Class that has been imported from QuickBooks. 


Please Note: Name is the only required field for the Task. The other fields that must be populated are determined by the use of the Task. The next section describes the steps for creating Tasks by syncing them from your Item or Class lists in QuickBooks.

Enabling Tasks for Projects

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Projects and choose a desired project.
  • Within the project, click on the Tasks tab. 


  • Enable Tasks for the project by selecting This project uses tasks…
  • Select Only selected tasks apply to this project.
  • A Tasks section will appear below. Click on Add Tasks to select and add the tasks you wish to add to this project. If applicable, enter a Bill or Pay Rate – these rates will override all other rates in the system including the rates set up on the Task setup.
  • Click Add and then click Save and Close.
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