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DCAA Compliant Settings


This guide details the recommended settings within SpringAhead to assist with your DCAA compliance. Detailed below are four major articles:  

  • Preparing your Payroll Items in QuickBooks
  • Enabling detailed timecard audit
  • Enabling daily time entry
  • Creating an overhead project for indirect labor (Using QuickBooks)
  • Viewing timecard audit history

Preparing Your Payroll Items in QuickBooks

These steps are recommended for proper cost center and labor distribution tracking in QuickBooks.

  • Create the following Payroll Items in QuickBooks
    • Overhead Labor Codes:
      • General & Administrative (G&A)
      • Bid &Proposal (B&P)
      • Paid Time Off (PTO)
      • Research & Development (R&D)
    • Direct Labor Codes:
      • Direct Labor Government
      • Direct Labor Commercial
  • Create custom time types that correspond to these Payroll Items. 

Enabling Detailed Timecard Audit

  • Log into SpringAhead, and click Settings.
  • Click My Company.
  • Under the Time header, check Changes Require a Reason (DCAA). Now, whenever a user submits time for a past date or makes changes to a timecard, they will be required to state a reason.
  • Click Save.  

Enabling Daily Time Entry

  • Log into SpringAhead, and click Settings.
  • Click My Company.
  • Under the Time header, click More Settings.
  • Check Use Time In/Time Out.
  • Click Save.  

Creating an Overhead Project for Indirect Labor (using QuickBooks)

QuickBooks Prep:

The steps below assume you’re using QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Payroll Items, and you need to create an overhead project, a non-billable or indirect labor service item. 


  • Login to QuickBooks, and open Customer Center.
  • Create a new customer named after your company.
  • Still in QuickBooks, click Lists, then Item List.
  • Click Item in the bottom left-hand corner, and click New.
  • Create a new item called “Indirect Labor.”
  • Open SpringConnect and click Synchronize.

SpringAhead Configuration:

Once synchronized, it’s simple to set up the project.

  • Click Settings, then click My Company.
  • Under Timecard Payroll Items and Codes, assign the appropriate payroll items, and click Save.
  • Click Projects on the left-hand menu.
  • Click on the project you just created (Company Name).
  • Within the project, click on the Time Settings tab.
  • In this area, you can add or remove any time types.
  • Click on the Invoicing tab within the project.
  • In the Invoice Item drop-down, assign the newly created item (Indirect Labor).
  • Within the project, click on the People tab.
  • In the Track time for field, select All time users or Only selected time users and assign users to the project.
  • Click Save and Exit.

Viewing Timecard Audit History

  • In SpringAhead, click Reports.
  • Run a Time by Employee or a Time by Project report. Check Include Details.
  • On a generated report, you'll see weeks broken down. Click on the blue date link to view the timecard.
  • In this new pop-up, click View in New Window near the lower right.
  • At this screen, click Show History on the lower left.
  • You’ll now see the detailed history of the timecard.


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