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Enabling Payroll for ADP


SpringAhead can export employee gross payroll information directly into ADP Pay Expert or ADP PC/Payroll. This keeps you from having to re-enter data by hand and is one of the many time-saving features of SpringAhead. Note that PayExpert (standard/custom), EasyPayNet, and Run are the ADP platforms that support imported CSV speadsheets. We also have an EasyPayNet template for custom mapping. Using this guide, you will:

  • Setup ADP for Paydata Import
  • Configure SpringAhead for exporting an ADP file

Setting up ADP Software for Paydata Import

  • ADP Pay Expert
    • Set up the Company for paydata import by opening the Company Options page (Setup tab, Company OptionsView/Edit), and select Paydata in the import section.
    • Set up the User Profile for paydata import by opening the User Profiles page (Setup tab, User ProfileView/Edit User Profile), and select Import - Paydata in the Utilities section.
  • ADP PC/Payroll
    • Set up the Company for paydata import by opening the company options dialog (SetupCompany menu option), and select Paydata in the Import section.

Configuring SpringAhead for Exporting an ADP File

When you enter your employees in ADP, they are each assigned a unique file # to identify them.  For SpringAhead to export payroll information correctly, you will need to edit each employee user and put the ADP file # in the Employee Number field.  This can be done easily from within SpringAhead.

  • Go to Settings, and click on People.
  • Click on a user's name who is an employee, and click on the Personal Info tab.
  • Enter the file # in the Employee Number field in the Identifications section.
  • Be sure to save the changes before editing the next employee.

Next, you can set ADP as your default payroll software.

  • From within SpringAhead, go to Settings.
  • Click on My Company, and select ADP as the Payroll Software within the Payables: Payroll Export section.
  • Enter your Company Payroll ID in the Payroll ID field.

You can verify all your employees have the correct Number assigned to them by running the User Summary report. If you have selected ADP as your default payroll software (above), employees that do not have an assigned Number will be shown in red.

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