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Assigning Multiple Projects to an Employee


Yes, you can have them work on any number of projects by using the Employee Projects Wizard. This is a quick way to add, edit and change rates for a single employee on multiple projects. Normally, you would edit the Project Rates section of each project separately, which is project-centric.  The wizard makes the same information employee-centric. The data you are editing is the same (date start/stop, bill rate, pay rate). Because you see all projects available for one employee, it can be a quicker way to manage the information rather than edit each project.

To add employees to multiple projects:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Under the Wizards heading on the left-hand menu, click Employee Projects.
  • Select the user and click View.
  • Here, you have the ability to add this user to any number of projects by marking the checkbox for each project line item.
  • You can also input bill and pay rates for each project as well as start and stop dates.
  • Click Save Changes.
  • When the employee enters a timecard, they can select the project(s) that they are active for during that week. 


To remove employees from multiple projects:

  • Projects the user is currently on will be listed under Current Projects.
  • Delete all the data in the project's line item to remove the user from the project.
  • Click Save Changes. 


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