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Configuring QuickBooks Payroll


QuickBooks Payroll for employees works by calculating paychecks from timesheets. Because of this, you will export timecards from SpringAhead, not gross payroll information. To have this work correctly, payroll items must be set up correctly in both products.

In QuickBooks, verify the following: 

  • Set up your payroll items. At a minimum, you will need one for hourly employees (typically Hourly Regular Rate) and one for salaried employees (typically Salary). Each can be assigned the same or unique expense account (typically Payroll Expenses).
  • Set up each employee. First, ensure that Use time data to create paychecks is checked (change tabs to the Payroll and Compensation Info tab when editing employee).
  • Second, attach the payroll item to the employee and assign the correct hourly rate or salary rate (in the Payroll and Compensation Info tab in the Earnings section).
  • If you create or edit any of the payroll items, be sure to sync with SpringAhead before proceeding.

In SpringAhead, verify the following:

  • In the Settings tab, click My Company.
  • In the Invoicing heading, uncheck Export Timecards with Invoices.
  • In the Payables: Payroll Export heading, check Export Timecards with Payroll. It is important to export time from only one of these areas, and Payables is appropriate for QuickBooks Payroll.
  • In the same section, set the Payroll Software Archive (None). This means that SpringAhead will not export any gross employee payroll information, just timecards (which is what you want).
  • In the Payables: Accounting Export heading, set the Payable Software toQuickBooks. This allows bills (for consultants) and checks (for employee expenses) to export correctly to QuickBooks.
  • Near the bottom in the Timecard Payroll Items and Code heading, select the correct payroll items for each type of time (Regular, Overtime, Sick, Vacation, etc). Be sure to select one for both hourly and salaried employees, as appropriate. (If you need other types of time tracked, see the next Special Needs segment below).
  • Save My Company by scrolling to the bottom and clicking the Save button.
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