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Recording Non-Billable Hours


SpringAhead has the following Default Non-Billable Time Types:

  • Sick
  • Vacation
  • Holiday
  • Non-billable

If you would like to record hours for non-billable time such as administrative time, sick leave, or vacation, SpringAhead also accommodates Custom Time Types. These may be added and mixed with any or all of the Standard Time Types. Simply follow the instructions below.

Setting Up QuickBooks

  • The first step is to select a project to capture non-billable time. Let's use an example with a project named Internal Time. If you don't have project(s) to add internal time to, create one in QuickBooks by adding a new customer. More than one customer may be created, if desired.
  • When done, use SpringConnect to bring the new customer(s) into SpringAhead. They will automatically be added as project(s).

Setting Up Default Time Types

  • Log in to SpringAhead as an administrator.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on Projects.
  • Select the project to add the time types to (e.g. ‘Internal Time’).
  • Within the project, click on the Time Settings tab.
  • Click Add Standard Time Type to add, as applicable.
  • Enter Bill or Pay Multipliers, as applicable (these time types are generally payable but not billable).
  • If the project is not billable, click on the Invoicing tab and select This project is not billable.
  • Click Save.

 Setting Up Custom Time Types

  • Log in to SpringAhead as an administrator.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Time Types on the left hand menu.
  • Enter the name of the time type.
  • Check Bill and/or Pay, as applicable.
  • Click Save.

Optional Settings

  • Enter the appropriate Bill Multiplier and/or Pay Multiplier (the base rate will be used if left blank). For example, enter 2 in the Bill Multiplier section if the Time Type is to be billed at a Doubletime rate
  • Map the Time Type to the QuickBooks Payroll Items

 Adding Custom Time Types to Projects

  • Click Projects.
  • Select the project to add the custom time type to.
  • Within the project, click on the Time Settings tab.
  • To add all of your custom time types to the project, check off Custom time types are used on this project.
  • To only allow selected custom time types on this project, check off Custom time types are used on this project and Only selected custom time types apply to this project.
  • Select the Time Type to add from the drop-down menu and click Add Time Type.
  • Add and repeat as necessary.
  • Click Save and Exit.

Finishing the Setup: 

  • Select the project from the Projects list.
  • Designate who can submit time to the project.
  • If all users can submit time, click on the People tab, and in the Track time for field, select All time users.
  • If only a select group of users can submit time to this project, select Only selected time users. In the People section beneath, click Add Person to add choice people to the project
  • Click Save and Exit.
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