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Recording Non-Billable Time


You'll need a project to record non-billable time to. This often means first creating a customer in your accounting system (e.g. Your Company's Name, Administrative or Overhead) and using SpringConnect to bring it over. Next, you'll have to assign time types to it and define who can submit non-billable time.

Create a New Customer in QuickBooks

Go to your customer list and create a new customer. Often, this will be the name of your company, but Administrative, Overhead or Internal Time would as well. Once you've established this new customer, open SpringConnect and click Synchronize to bring the new customer into SpringAhead.

Allow Default Non-Billable Time Types

  • Log in to SpringAhead as an administrator.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Projects.
  • Select the overhead or internal project you've just created.
  • Click on the Time Settings tab, click Add Standard Time Type to view default non-billable time types.
  • Add and Save any of these to make any of them selectable for users.

Add Custom Non-Billable Time Types to the Project

First, make sure you've created the custom time types you'd like a user to select. 

  • Click on the Time Settings tab within the project.
  • Check off Custom Time Types are used on this project to allow the use for custom time types.
  • If you'd like to control which custom time types a user can select, check off Only selected custom time types apply to this project and assign the desired time types.
  • Click Add Time Type.
  • Click Save and Exit.

Assign Time Submitted Against this Project as Non-Billable

  • Within the project, click on the Invoicing tab, and select This project is not billable

Assign Users to this Project

You can either allow all time submitters to potentially submit time against this project or you can assign specific users to the project.

  • Within the project, click on the People tab.
  • Use the Track time for field to select All time users or Only selected time users.
  • If you chose to only allow certain users to submit time to this project, use the Add Person button in the People section below to add them.
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