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Exported Data in QuickBooks


You’ve just exported your information from SpringAhead to QuickBooks. Here’s a guide on how to find the data in your QuickBooks file.

QuickBooks Desktop


  • In the Home screen, click on Create Invoices
  • Click Previous to see invoice(s) that SpringAhead last populated 



  • In the Home screen, click Enter Bills
  • Click Previous to see the last exported bill 



    • In the Home screen, click Write Checks
    • Click Previous to see previously exported checks 


How to add billable expenses to an invoice

  • Open up the invoice to the client or customer. This can be either an invoice you created yourself in QuickBooks or an invoice we’ve created and exported from SpringAhead
  • Click Add Time/Costs 


  • Select the appropriate tab (Expenses or Items)
  • Check what you’d like to add and click OK. It’ll add the billable expenses onto the invoice 


  • In the top menu, click Employees, click Enter Time, and click Use Weekly Timesheet 


  • Select the appropriate employee
  • You’ll see the person’s time, service item, other assigned info and his/her hours

QuickBooks Payroll FAQs

  • If using QuickBooks to run payroll, ensure the following setting:
    • Go to the Edit Employee screen
    • Click on the Payroll and Compensation Info tab
    • Make sure Use time data to create paychecks is checked 


    • The timecards will now show up when you run payroll
    • If you have any questions on how to set this up, please contact your QuickBooks Payroll advisor

Job Costing

  • Click here for a guide on how to use project/job costing. If you would like to learn more about using QuickBooks for job costing, contact a QuickBooks Pro Advisor.

Journal Entries

  • In the top menu, click Company, and select Make General Journal Entries

Credit Cards

  • In the Home screen, click Enter Credit Card Charges

QuickBooks Online

This guide will refer to the Customers list as such, although you could have named it something different such as Clients.


  • Click on the Create icon, then click on Invoice to open an invoice. 


  • Then, click the action wheel to see the list of most recent invoice 


  • Fields not allowed / unsupported in QBOE (Intuit lockouts, no one can change it)
    • Customer Message
    • Location
    • Bringing invoices over as “To Be Emailed” is not allowed


  • Click on the Create button, then click Bill 


  • Click the action wheel to view recent bills 


    • Cannot be brought over as billable
    • Workaround:  Run a detailed report on expenses by client for the time period exported and check Billable onlyand they would match up 
  • QBOE Lockouts
    • QuickBooks Online only maps expenses to expense accounts and cannot be mapped to service items


  • Click on the Create button, then click Check 


  • Workaround:  Run a detailed report on expenses by client for the time period exported and check Billable only and they would match up
  • Click the action wheel to view the most recent checks 


  • Cannot be brought over as billable
    • QBOE lockouts
      • QuickBooks Online only maps expenses to expense accounts and cannot be mapped to service items

Credit Card Charges 

  • Click on the Accounting tab, click on View Register to the right of the associated credit card account 



  • To view timecards, you can go to the Create button, then click Weekly Timesheet 


  • Select your Employee and your Date Range to view the appropriate timesheet
    • QBOE Payroll lockouts
      • There is not a spot for Payroll Item for both single activity and weekly timesheets. So if you’re using QuickBooks Online for payroll, no matter what service you use, all hours will go to Regular and you would need to manually change it
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