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Syncing Missing Customers


When syncing your customer list with SpringConnect, some customers do not sync.

There are several reasons why a customer would not show up in SpringAhead. Check each one and take the appropriate action to fix the issue.

  • The customer is inactive in QuickBooks. If this is true, it will not be sent to SpringAhead.
  • The customer is inactive in SpringAhead. It may have synced, but is on the inactive list. Check this in SpringAhead in the Settings area. Click on Companies, then click View Archived Companies.
  • The customer may be considered inactive. Other fields that make it inactive are if it has a job end date or has a job status of ‘Closed’ or ‘Not Awarded’. Open the customer in QuickBooks and check the Job Info tab.
  • You have turned off Customer syncing, or filtered the customers you want to sync within SpringConnect. To check this, run SpringConnect. Click Options, click Settings, then Other Settings, click Filters, choose Customers from the Filter for this data pull-down menu. If Sync All isn't selected, this could be your issue.
  • You have enabled Sync Changed Data Only and haven't modified the customer since your last sync. To check this, run SpringConnect. Click Options, click Settings, click Advanced, uncheck Sync Changed Data Only, and sync again. If you want to turn this setting back on for speed after your customer list has synced, do so now.
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