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Differences Between Time & Expense Approval


Time Approval

An approver can be set per project (project approver), per person (manager approver), or company wide ("Enterprise Time Approver").

Expense Approval

An approver can either be set globally (Enterprise approver), or set per person (manager approver). Because approval for expense reports is done at the expense report level, and each expense report can contain multiple expense details each with different projects, expense reports cannot be approved by a project based approver.

Suggestion: To approve expenses by project, do the following:

  • Set an internal person as the default approver. Go to the User's settings, and click on the Permissions tab.
  • Make the employee type Internal, check off Approve Time and Expenses in the Approvers/Managers section.
  • Set this user as the default global expense approver (Click to Settings, click on My Company, scroll down to the Enterprise Expense Approvers section, and add the person there), or set external users as approvers for each project needed. Make the employee type Client Approver, select the company they work for in the Customer Name field.
  • Select Approve Time and Expenses in the Approvers / Managers section.
  • Have your users submit unique expense reports for each project (one expense report per project). They can put the name of the project in the title of the expense report (example: Expenses for Acme).
  • When submitted for approval, it will be routed to the internal approver you set up.
  • The internal approver can then forward the approval of the expense to the correct project approver to approve.
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