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Disapproving, Editing, and Deleting Timesheets


A timesheet can be sent back to the Review Approval or Time Entry screens. To do any of these, follow the instructions below. 

Disapprove/Edit/Delete Weekly Timesheet:

Locate the timesheet you want to unprocess or modify in Invoices/Payables, Review, or Approvals.
(If the timesheet has already been exported, you can find it by using reports).

On the row you want to modify, click on the magnifying glass on the right-hand side.

  • Click Edit Timecard at the top right of the screen. 


  • Ensure you're in Week view and click the Modify icon at the far right of the screen. 


  • On this screen, you can unsubmit, unapprove, unprocess - delete or change hours. When finished, click Save.

Disapprove/Edit/Delete Daily Timesheet: 

  • Click on Approval or Review in the navigation bar.
  • In the upper right-hand area, click Edit a Timecard. 


  • Select the person's name.
  • Use the calendar to find the appropriate timesheet.
  • Click on the cog button at the end of the row, click Modify State.
    • Please Note: If you click DELETE, you'll receive an error stating that this time has been processed and can't be deleted.


  • From this new screen, you can unsubmit, unprocess or delete and change hours. When finished, click Save.
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