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Each person who needs to log into SpringAhead will require a personal profile.  The required fields for each person are name, email address, login name and password. Each profile can have one or more roles within SpringAhead and each role is defined by the person type and permissions you set.  As you set permissions for each person, what they are allowed to see and what they can do while using SpringAhead change. Using this article, you will:   

  • Review the different user roles
  • Configure managers to approve time and/or expenses
  • Configure people to enter time and/or expenses
  • Advanced: Configure Corp2Corp Contractors

Understanding the User Roles

  • There are several different person types and permissions available in the Permissions tab. 


Configuring Users to Approve Time/Expenses

  • Click Settings.
  • Click People.
  • Select an individual who will be approving submitted time:
    • This list was synced from your accounting system. If the desired approver is not shown, add the user either by adding the employee to your account system and re-syncing, or
    • Click Add Person to add an approver who is not an employee and enter his/her first and last name in the Personal Info tab. 


    • Leave the Login Name and Password blank. SpringAhead will automatically create them based on the person’s email address.
  • Grant security privileges in the Privileges tab as per the checkboxes below:
    • Please Note: If the approver is also a time/expense submitter, you will want to check Track Time and/or Track Expenses, as applicable. 


  • Set the Person Type: If the approver is an employee, select Internal. If the approver works for another company, select Client and select the company from the Customer Name drop-down menu. If the Customer Name field does not have the company you are looking for, add it in the Companies list as a Customer.
  • Click Save and Exit.

Configuring People to Enter Time/Expenses

Both employees and contracting consultants were imported from your accounting system when you synchronized your data. If an employee or contracting consultant does not appear on your list of users, it is strongly advised that you ensure the individual is in QuickBooks and re-sync before proceeding.  This allows you to keep accurate employment records in QuickBooks and ensures the ability to import transactions later.

  • Click on Settings, then click People on the left-hand menu.
  • Click on the individual’s name who will track time in SpringAhead.
  • In the Personal Info tab, the login name and password can be left blank. Their login name will default to their email address and the system will generate a password automatically when you send out their login email.
  • In the Permissions tab, checking the boxes Track Time and/orTrack Expenses enables users to create timecards or expense reports. 


  • Set the Person Type.
  • In the Mapping tab, select an Item. The item set up here in the user profile can be overridden in the project. All time submitters must have an item assigned. If this user has a specific item, assign it here. 


  • If you are setting up a project/client-based approver, skip this step.  If you are setting up a manager-based approver, in the Approvers tab, select the Approver you set up in the last step in the Manager field. Toggle Yes for Approves Time and, if applicable, toggle Yes for Approves Expenses.
  • In the Project Rates tab, click Add Bill and Pay Rates to enter the Start Date, Bill Rate and Pay Rate. These are also required in order to submit time. However, a salaried user does not need a pay rate.
  • Now, click Save and Exit.

See also Syncing a Corp2Corp Contractor if needed.

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