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Setting Projects to Track Non-Billable Time Types


If you want to create a project to track non-billable time types, follow these instructions:

  • First, create a project in QuickBooks. In the example below, “Company Name” is used 


  • (Optional) You may want to create an indirect service item to track the time against. If so, go to List and select Items List in QuickBooks. Click Edit and create a New Item with Service as the type selected. Sample names would include “Indirect Labor” or “Overhead”
  • Next, pull up SpringConnect and click Synchronize to bring the information across to SpringAhead
  • Then, once you’ve logged into SpringAhead, click Settings, then click Projects and click on your new project from the list
  • You'll be setting up a non-billable project that tracks internal time 


    • Click on the Invoicing tab within the project
    • In the Project Invoicing section, select This project is not billable
    • Assign the newly created item to the project in the Invoice Item field
    • Likewise, you can either allow all to submit against the project or assign specific users to the project in the Peopletab of this project
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