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Calculating Commissions


SpringAhead can handle simple comission calculations for you based on time for Representatives. SpringAhead allows you to specify for each rep (on both users and projects) a percentage of profit, where profit includes a burden for pay. The standard calculation for commissions is: (billrate - payrate * burden) * commission.

For example: If you add a 10% burden on your pay, bill at $100, pay at $50, and give the rep 15% commission, for each hour the commission would be: (100 - (50 * 1.10)) * 0.15 = $6.75

  • Log into SpringAhead.
  • Go to Settings, set your default burden in My CompanyPayables heading, Burden field. You can optionally override this per project (10% = "10.00". This field supports 2 decimals).
  • Add reps to projects (click on the desired project, scroll down to Project Reps heading) or users (click on the desired user, scroll down to User Reps heading).
  • For each rep, set the Commission field (10% = "10.00". This field supports 2 decimals).
  • To calculate omissions, you run the Time by Rep report. Make sure you check Include Commission, and optionally Include Bill Rates and Include Pay Rates. This report can be run for a specified time, or for an invoice or payable-specific export. This report shows per rep the commission he/she earned.

Please Note: If someone is more than one rep for a given timecard, the highest commission rate is selected.

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