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Entering Time


Entering time in SpringAhead is straight-forward and efficient. This article will show you how to enter a timecard, run reports, and change your password. 

  • Log in to SpringAhead using the login instructions and password provided by your administrator. 


  • Click Time in the Navigation Bar to see a month-at-a-glance view of your time. 


  • Click on the desired day on the calendar to enter time. This will take you to the timecard entry and edit screen. 


  • Select a project from the drop-down menu and enter your hours worked:
    • If your company has enabled tasks, select the Task performed
    • Select the time type you are entering time for. The default setting is Regular time
    • Add a description in the memo field, if applicable
    • Time may be entered in minute or decimal format. For example, 0.5 = 0:30 


  • Click Add for additional rows to add time for other projects.
  • Click Save.
  • To attach a document to the timesheet:
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add Attachment.
    • Select Upload attachment.


  • Select the file to upload, then click on the Upload button. 


  • Please Note: The Attach feature is not viewable by the approving manager because there can be a multitude of projects with many different approvers. These can only be viewed admins of the system.
  • Save or Submit your time
    • Click Submit All to submit the time to your manager for approval (should be done based on your company’s scheduled due dates)
    • Click Save to save your entries and remain on the time entry screen
    • Click Save and Close to save your entries and return to the calendar view. 


  • Use the Unsubmit All feature to continue making changes to a timecard. Once time that has been approved by a manager it can no longer be ‘unsubmitted.' 


  • After saving or submitting, there will be a notice informing you of your action at the top of the screen. Additionally, the status of each timecard will be shown in the rightmost Status column of the calendar (unapproved, rejected, or approved). 


Running Reports

  • Click Reports in the Navigation Bar. 


  • Select the type of report, specify the date range and details, and click Run. 


Changing Your Password

  • Click Settings in the Navigation Bar. 


  • Under My Info, click Change Password. 



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