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DCAA Compliance Overview


When Changes Require a Reason (DCAA) is checked in your company's settings, a few rules are applied.

Entering Reasons for Time Changes

You don't always have to. A reason for a change is required for all time submitted or saved against days that have already passed. So, if you're entering time for a week that has both past and present time on it, you'll be required to specify a reason. Additionally, if you modify any of that time, you'll also have to specify a reason.

Locating a Record of Changes on Timecards

If you're an Administrator, there is an easy way to check the changes. 

  • Click Edit a Timecard found on either the Approver and Review areas. There, you can select the user and date and click Reload.
  • From this screen, click View Timecard.
  • At the bottom of the screen in Week view, there is a magnifying glass icon and a link that says Show History. If you click that, you'll see a complete and detailed change log.

History of Changes on Deleted Timecards

Yes. Those changes will be saved on the week the time was modified. If you follow the steps above and click Show History, you'll see the changes that were made to timecards, including deleting a timecard, on that week.

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