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Exporting Invoices to QuickBooks


SpringAhead can export invoice information directly into QuickBooks. Using this guide, you will:

  • Review and export invoices from SpringAhead to QuickBooks

Exporting Invoices from SpringAhead

  • Click on Invoices.
  • To review rates and invoice line descriptions that will be sent directly to the accounting system, set the Detail Level to Detailed. 


  • Review information to be exported.
  • Uncheck any items that are not ready for export, as applicable.
  • Review the date range(s) to ensure that you have only selected the desired transactions.
  • Make sure QuickBooks is selected as the software and Include Invoices is checked.
  • Click Export.
  • Click OK.
  • SpringConnect will open and display a summary of data that will be exported. 


  • Click Import.
  • SpringConnect will validate the data to be exported.
  • If no warnings are generated, click OK.
  • Click OK after all data has been imported.
  • Check the data in QuickBooks.
    • In the Home screen, click on Create Invoices.
    • Click Previous to see invoice(s) that SpringAhead last populated. 


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