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Filtering Data Synced from your Accounting System


SpringConnect’s function "Filters" allows users to choose what information is or is not synced with SpringAhead.

Accessing the Filters Setup screen: 

  • Run SpringConnect.
  • Click on Options.
  • Click on Settings, then Other Settings.
  • Click on Filters.

To set a filter:

  • Select the data list to filter.
  • Choose the filter method. Each data list may have its own method of sync:
    • Do Not Sync: Omits the selected data from syncing
    • Sync All: The default selection; this choice syncs all list data
    • Sync From File: Browse to choose a .csv or .iif file with which to sync
    • Sync Selected Only: Syncs only the selected data
  • Select Add to search for data to place on the list.
  • Select Search to produce the selected list of data from which to choose.
    • Please Note: By entering information in the name field, you may narrow your search.
  • Select the pieces of data to add to the filter. You may choose one at a time or several at once. When finished, select Okay.
  • The screen will now display the selections to filter. Add or Delete as necessary. You may also choose to Reset All to eliminate all filters. When completed, select Okay to save the filters and exit.

Important: When using filters and multiple installs of SpringConnect, be sure to follow the instructions in this knowledge base article to ensure that the settings are the same for all installations. If the settings are not matched, the user may inadvertently make unwanted changes.

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