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Understanding Multi-Level Approval


Within SpringAhead, there is a precise flow for time and expense approvals and different areas to input approvers. Using this article, you will:  

  • Enabling multiple approvers for time and expense
  • Review the approval flow

Enabling Multiple Approvers

  • Click Settings.
  • Click My Company.
  • To enable multiple approvers for time, click Use Additional Time Approvers under Enterprise Time Approvers.
  • To enable multiple approvers for expenses, click Use Additional Expense Approvers under Enterprise Time Approvers.

Time Approval Overview

When a timecard is submitted, there are five possible stops it can make. In this order, they are:

  • User Manager
  • User Additional Time Approver
  • Project Manager
  • Project Additional Time Approver
  • Enterprise Time Approver

Below, the process is outlined with ALL approvers assigned. The approval chain is displayed in this order:


The process for expense approval is generally the same:

  • User Manager
  • User Additional Expense Approver
  • Enterprise Expense Approver

Below, the process is outlined:


Sample Cases 

Example A: Michael Manager will approve time for Alex Trebek. Tom Jones and Pat Sajak can also approve time for Alex. 


After Michael approves, the timesheet moves on to Tom and Pat. If you selected Any approver can approve time, both Tom and Pat will see the timesheet but only one needs to approve it. If you selected All approvers must approve time, then the timesheet requires both of their approvals.

Example B: I would like Michael Manager to be able to see the time (can’t approve), but Tom Jones and Pat Sajak are required to approve it. Here is the setup:


Example C: I would like Michael Manager and Tom Jones to be able to approve Alex’s timesheet, but only one of their approvals is required. 


Please Note: All persons listed in Additional Time or Expense Approvers will receive an approval reminder at the same time even though he/she may not be required to approve the timesheet.

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