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Modifying Overtime Rates


There are three categories of overtime in SpringAhead:

  • Default Overtime Rate
  • Default Doubletime
  • Custom Overtime for Custom Time Types

The Default Overtime rate is 150% of the base rate and can be changed. The Default Doubletime Rate is 200% of the base rate and cannot be changed. 

Changing the Default Overtime Rate

The Default Overtime rate is 150% of the base rate. This rate can be changed on a project-by-project basis but cannot be changed globally. To change the rate:

  • Log in as an administrator.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click Projects and click on the project you wish to make changes to.
  • Click on the Time Settings tab.
  • If Overtime is not already active, click Add Standard Time Type to add the Overtime time type.
  • In its details, you may add a Bill Multiplier or Pay Multiplier. 


  • Click Add Standard Time Type, then click Save and Exit.

Changing the Overtime Rate for a Custom Time Type 

The overtime multiples for Custom Time Types are set directly in the Time Type window.

  • Click Settings.
  • Click Time Types.
  • Enter the Multiplier(s). The default multiplier is 1 if the field is left blank.
  • Click Save.

The Time Type Multiplier can be overridden at the Project level. To do this:

  • Click Settings.
  • Click Projects.
  • Within the project, click on the Time Settings tab.
  • Add a new custom time type or click on one the enabled time types to modify the Multiplier(s) as necessary for the time type. 


  • Click Add Time Type or Update, then click Save and Exit.

Please Note: All overtime rates are set as a multiple of the user's bill and/or pay rate. For example, the base overtime multiple is 1.5 (equates to 150% of the user's bill and/or pay rate). Only multipliers are accepted; dollar-based overtime rates are not accepted anywhere in the system. Custom time types or tasks may be set up to address overtime rates that are not based on a multiple of a base rate.

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