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Printing Timecards for Invoices


You can batch print multiple timecards and attach them to invoices. These prints can show both the timecards and the invoices. Follow these instructions:

  • Log in as an administrator.
  • Click on Invoices.
  • Click on Previous, or enter the export number and then click the Reload button. 


  • Or, you may also browse between exports in chronological order by using the arrows to toggle between exports. 


  • Under Invoice Details, check the data you would like to print.  (Note: Timecards will print corresponding to the invoice data that is checked, meaning that a timecard may be broken into several pages if it corresponds to separate invoices.  From the bottom menu, you will choose whether to print invoices, timecards, or both). 


  • Next, check Include Timecards and / or Include Invoices in the Confirm Export Settings area.  If both options are checked, first a summary invoice will be printed, followed by the timecard rows that correspond to that invoice.  The timecard pages will also contain the invoice number and approver name / date for easy reference.  When finished, click Batch Print. 
  • The web page will appear in condensed form. However, the printout will separate pages by invoice, and timecard rows associated with that invoice.  Next select, Print Preview from your browser window to review the print out, or Print to complete the process. 



  • Most browsers will display a header and footer on a printout, with the page number and URL of the page by default.  To remove the header and footer from the Batch Print, alter your browser settings under Print > Page Setup.
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