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Customizing the Invoice Description


Here's how to customize the description field that SpringAhead sends to your accounting system. 


SpringAhead can save you time entering data by automatically populating the description field with data such as the date range, the names of the people working, etc. The trick is to tell the system what data you want it to automatically populate. For example, if you want to include the days that were worked on the invoice, you would type "%DAYS%" in the description field in SpringAhead. The system will recognize the %DAYS% string and automatically replace it with the actual days worked.

Here's a complete list of the codes you can use:

  • %NAME% -- Populates user's name (First, Last)
  • %INITIALS% -- Populates user's initials
  • %FI% -- Populates user's first initial
  • %MI% -- Populates user's middle initial
  • %LI% -- Populates user's last initial
  • %LNAME% -- Populates user's last name
  • %DATES% -- Populates the timecard week range (mm/dd/yy - mm/dd/yy)
  • %SDATE% -- Populates the start date only
  • %EDATE% -- Populates the end date only
  • %DAYS% -- Populates days on timecard with time (mm/dd/yy, mm/dd/yy...)
  • %MONTH% -- Populates the month name of the timecard start date
  • %YEAR% -- Populates the year of the timecard start date
  • %PNAME% -- Populates project / job name
  • %PNUM% -- Populates job number from SpringAhead project setup
  • %BILL% -- Populates bill rate
  • %PAY% -- Populates pay rate
  • %JOB% -- Populates the sub-job name (if any)
  • %ITEM% -- Populates item name
  • %ITEMDESC% -- Populates item description
  • %TYPE% -- Populates the time type name (overtime, sick, etc.)
  • %TASKS% - Populates the task names
  • %TIMEDESC% - Populates the timecard entry description
  • \n - adds a line break 

These wildcard codes may be used in conjunction with fixed text to create rich descriptions. For example, to create a description that says "Consulting hours" followed by the person's name, the setup would be "Consulting hours %NAME%".

There are two ways to customize invoice descriptions:

  • Set a standard description that applies to all invoices
  • Customize item descriptions for each Item

Set a Standard Invoice Details for all Invoices 

  • Click Settings.
  • Click My Company.
  • Enter the invoice description in the Invoice Description field. 


  • Ensure that Use Item Description on Invoices is unchecked.
  • Click Save.

Customize the Invoice Description for Each Item


  • Log in as an administrator.
  • Click Settings.
  • Click My Company.
  • Check Use Item Descriptions on Invoices.
  • Click Save.
  • Enter the description in the accounting system.
  • Log in to the accounting system.
  • Edit the ITEM description and include the wildcard codes.
  • Open SpringConnect and click Synchronize to import the new item descriptions from your accounting system.

Tip: You can view the description that will be included on the invoices before they are exported to QuickBooks by setting the Detail Level in the Invoices section to Detailed and click Reload


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