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Synchronizing with Your Accounting System


Once SpringConnect is installed and configured, you will be ready to sync it with your accounting system. Using this guide, you will:

  • Synchronize with your accounting system
  • Review the data coming from your accounting system into SpringAhead  

Synchronize with QuickBooks

  • Open SpringConnect.
  • Click Synchronize.


  • When prompted to log in to SpringAhead, enter your Company Login, User Name, and Password (provided to you by SpringAhead). Click OK. sync_acct_2.png

Review Synced Data 

SpringConnect will sync each list one at a time and present a summary of each result. sync_acct_3.png

  • Review each screen to ensure there are no errors or warnings before continuing. If there are errors, note them and resolve them before completing the sync. 
  • Press Continue for each list.
  • At the end of the sync process, you will see a summary of the number of lists synced. sync_acct_4.png
  • Click OK.
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