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Installing SpringConnect


Please Note: SpringConnect was previously called VTSync. The file folders and naming conventions could be named either SpringConnect or VTSync depending on when the application was installed.

To download and install SpringConnect on a new computer, click here

If you use QuickBooks Online (QBOE), each new computer that uses SpringConnect will either need to install the QuickBooks Connector Installer here or have QuickBooks desktop installed. If not, you may receive the error "class not registered (80040154)".

To install SpringConnect, use this article: Syncing Data with QuickBooks Using SpringConnect.

To transfer SpringConnect's settings to a new or different computer:

Use the SpringConnect cloud-based Backup and Restore feature. This will require you to have access to the old computer.

  • On the old computer, launch SpringConnect.
  • Click the SpringConnect logo on the top left. install_sc_1.png
  • Select Settings, then Backup Settings. install_sc_2.png

Now, your settings will be backed up to our systems. Let's install it on the new computer.

  • Log in to your SpringAhead on the new computer.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Sync with Quickbooks on the left-hand side.
  • This will launch and install SpringConnect; follow the instructions.
  • Open up SpringConnect and go the menu as before. install_sc_3.png
  • Select Settings, then Restore Settings. install_sc_4.png
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