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Installing and Configuring SpringConnect with QuickBooks Desktop


SpringConnect creates the connection between SpringAhead and QuickBooks. Using this guide, you will:

  • Link SpringConnect to SpringAhead.
  • Link SpringConnect to QuickBooks.
  • Identify and modify any settings that are required to ensure that the data in SpringAhead mirrors the data in QuickBooks.

Linking SpringConnect to SpringAhead

  • Open SpringConnect.
    • Click your Microsoft Start button.
    • Click All Programs.
    • Open SpringAhead.
    • Click SpringConnect.
  • The Settings dialog should appear automatically – if it doesn't, click the Settings button from the main SpringConnect window.  You will see the following screen: configure_sc_1.png
  • Link your account by typing your SpringAhead Company Login.

Linking SpringConnect to your QuickBooks File

  • Open your company file in QuickBooks.
  • Select QuickBooks in the Software drop-down.
  • Click the three dot or ellipse button in the Data File row shown below. configure_sc_2.png
  • Select Yes when prompted if you want to auto-select this file.
  • Select Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running when prompted.
    • If a user selection shows, select the Admin user.
    • Check Allow this application to access personal data. configure_sc_3.jpeg
    • Click Continue.
    • Click Done.

You will be returned to the SpringConnect Settings dialog, and your QuickBooks data file will be filled in.

SpringConnect Settings

  • First Day of the Week is based on how you manage your business. For example, Monday means your week is Monday-Sunday.  SpringConnect will copy your QuickBooks setting. Simply click the button next to First Day in Week. configure_sc_4.png
  • Account Numbers: If you use account numbers to organize your chart of accounts, you will want to ensure that Use Account Numbers is checked in SpringConnect:
    • Open SpringConnect
    • Click Settings.
    • Click Advanced.
    • Check Use Account Numbers.
    • Click OK. configure_sc_5.png
  • Please Note: This only allows accounts with account numbers to sync. The account numbers will not display in SpringAhead.
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