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Installing SpringConnect


SpringAhead uses the proprietary SpringConnect application to seamlessly move data between SpringAhead and your back-office systems. Using this article, you will:

  • Download the SpringConnect Installer
  • Select where to install SpringConnect
  • Install SpringConnect  

Downloading the SpringConnect Installer

The next step is to download the SpringConnect installer. You can download SpringConnect by going directly to

Selecting Where to Install SpringConnect

While moving through the installation wizard for SpringConnect, you are given the option to choose where to install SpringConnect. The wizard will choose a default location. install_sc_5.png

The general rule of thumb is to install SpringConnect where QuickBooks is installed.

Installing SpringConnect

Once the ‘springconnect-install.exe’ file is downloaded, follow these steps:

  • When prompted to run or save the file, click Run.
  • Click Install (or click Browse to change the installation destination).
  • Click Close.

The SpringConnect application is now installed on your computer.

You can access SpringConnect from your Windows Start Menu by going to All Programs > SpringAhead > SpringConnect.

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