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Creating Custom Time Types


If you would like to track additional time types such as PTO or Hazardous Duty Incentive pay, follow this two-step process. First, you need to create your new custom time types. Second, you need to make these time types selectable on the appropriate projects.

Create Additional Time Types

  • Click Settings.
  • Click Time Types.
  • Click Add Time Type. 


  • Enter the Name of the time type. custom_time_2.png
  • Toggle Yes for Invoices and/or Payables, as applicable. If Invoices is toggled to No, it will make this time type non-billable (recommended for PTO, which is generally non-billable to the client). If Payables is toggled to No, it will make the time type not payable to your employee or vendor.
    • (Optional)  If this time type has special bill or pay rates, enter the appropriate Bill Multiplier and/or Pay Multiplier (the base rate will be used if left blank). For example, enter 2 in the Bill Multiplier section if the Time Type is to be billed at a Doubletime rate.
    • (Optional)  If you use QuickBooks Payroll Items, map them here. On the left, map the hourly payroll item. On the right, map the salary payroll item.
  • Click Save.

Add Custom Time Types to Projects

  • Click on Settings, then click Projects.
  • Open up the project you would like to add custom time types to.
  • Within the project, click on the Time Settings tab.
  • To add all of your custom time types to the project, check off Custom time types are used on this project.


  • To only allow selected custom time types on this project, check off Custom time types are used on this project and Only selected custom time types apply to this project. custom_time_4.png
  • Assign the custom time types by clicking Add Time Type, selecting them from the drop-down menu and clicking the green Add Time Type. 
  • Click Save and Exit.
  • Now the assigned time types will appear when a user goes to submit time for this project.
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